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God's Country

2009-05-04 10:59:52 by KindMuffin

Right I am just bored so I have decided to ask people what country do they think that God is most fitted to?

I think England of course!!


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2009-05-04 18:04:18

Hallo. I'd say England too.
Part of me for no reason wanted to say Egypt XD

p.s: Nice reviews =P makes a change from the uncommon useless ones ^^

KindMuffin responds:

Hey! Thanks for commenting.

Reviews: I always take my time. I think like if you go to a cinema and some person came up to you and says what did you think about the movie? Thats what I think when I'm writing my reviews on here. :D


2009-05-05 23:12:47

i dont think hes on earth

KindMuffin responds:

Lol yeah I know but I mean if he was where do you think he would settle?


2009-05-06 07:24:47

My overly-Catholic upbringing is telling me to say Italy, but I feel you're right with England. England has a strong background in faith, but has the simple charms that the modern convention of God seems like He would like. I can't see Him going to a place where everyone is constantly worshiping Him, doesn't really seem His style, ya know? Good question!

KindMuffin responds:

Thanks for commenting my friend! :D


2009-08-31 17:07:39

Hm, I'd say...I think...imagination. XD