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2009-05-08 02:40:11 by KindMuffin

Hi people I am kind of bored now so I decided to make a new post about... nothing...

I just want to know any good flash submissions lately... PLEASE?


Line, Line, Line

2009-05-06 11:01:24 by KindMuffin

Recently I have made two flash submissions, Line, Line, Line 1 and 2 and people don't get the story, it is kinda hard to see with lines :P

But the story so far is that a green line starts off as a baby on his own grows big and has a baby, then the baby sees his dad dying of old age. The baby grows big and meets a red line they have a few children together and then the black line baby kills his father and then the mother runs off and leaves the pink baby with the rest of them, except the black one... Then when pink gets older she protects the babies and has a fight with her younger brother, black. So that starts the rivalry and the babies who turn into square babies end up dying, although I didn't mention that.. The red mother comes back and hugs them all and a heart appears then the mother gets killed by black but then mysteriously the blast also hit black and cut his head off. So they thought he was dead, but the heart was still broke. But then the ghost of the father line (blue) fixed the heart and forged himself into it. That is the end of the first story.

Then the second story starts with the pink line sleeping and then the black line who they thought was dead came back and stole the heart. Then all of the light turned to darkness, then pink woke up and saw that the place was dark and the heart was missing and used her pink power to turn it back on, but the heart was still missing. Then Black poked his head in and saw the light was back and got angry so he attacked pink and then they had a fight but no-one won. They walked in opposite directions and then black tried to be faster than pink and went in front of her but she turned away quickly. Then suddenly some mysterious blue lines popped up out of nowhere.

There!! All done!

That is the story so far. Watch Line, Line, Line people and vote 5!

God's Country

2009-05-04 10:59:52 by KindMuffin

Right I am just bored so I have decided to ask people what country do they think that God is most fitted to?

I think England of course!!

Stickman Must Die

2009-05-04 10:06:38 by KindMuffin

Today I finished a short movie called Stickman Must Die, me and my dad found it quite amusing so I hope you do too. As I said it is only short so go on the flash portal now and vote over 3!! :P